Online Survey: Why Your Small Business Needs One

When asked, most business experts will say that small businesses fail due to three “Ms”: money, management and marketing. Marketing is the “M” that provides ways to keep customers flowing into your business. Marketing fails, however, when not used to create and launch new demand-driven products, while keeping existing products profitable. Let us say that […]

Why Trust Matters In Marketing

If you want the trust of potential customers, then you obviously value truth. How do I know this? Because people cannot make choices they’ll be happy with unless the decision-making data they are given is truthful and accurate. This is the point where marketing matters. If a potential customer ends up choosing the product you […]

Good And Bad Marketing: Do You Know The Difference?

You need first-rate ideas–and the ability to direct a copywriter–when it comes to creating winning marketing copy. To do this well, however, you will first have to master a few key marketing competencies. In his book, Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat (Agora Series), Michael Masterson says “Four Competencies” go […]