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Copywriting Service or Write Your Own Web Content?

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, you know that a copywriting service can save you time.copywriting service But maybe you want to get your website copy done inhouse.

If you can answer YES to three questions, you might consider doing your own website copywriting.

Why do I say this?

You know all about your product and market thoroughly. And, since you deal with it daily, you know the words to say that can sell.

Anyway, here are the questions.

3 Questions To Ask Before Outsourcing To A Copywriting Service

One: Do you know what goes into website copywriting?

No matter how well you write, or even if you have a professional writer create your website copy, you’re going to have errors. Misspelled words, awkward sentences, phrases that don’t make sense, and words that are used incorrectly run rampant through many sites. And it’s no wonder. Writing well is hard work.

Two: Do you like to write marketing copy?

Many people suffer from writer’s block, which can result in unnecessary procrastination and stress. Further, your emotions can come through in your writing. If you’re busy and rushed, you might not do your best work.

Three: Does your schedule permit you to write effective marketing copy?

Copywriting is really about how well you know your product and customer. As a manager or business owner, you have a head start if you CAN write.

But if you can’t write well, don’t like to, or simply do not have the time to write results-driven marketing copy, you should most likely outsource to a copywriting service or freelancer.