What's A Unique Selling Proposition?

Is your product or service unique? How does it benefit potential buyers?

A unique selling proposition (USP) tells what’s exceptional and useful about your product or service.

If you don’t have one, you risk sending messages that become lost in a sea of sameness. Most marketers define a USP as follows:

• It has a direct or implied benefit. It says, “When you buy this product, you’ll get this exact benefit.”
• It has a significant benefit that moves the multitudes and ties into a trend.
• Competitors either cannot or do not offer it. Its brand or claim is non-duplicable.

I would add one additional element for today’s marketing environment:

• It should have some element of constancy by which potential buyers can measure its trustworthiness.

If the USP of your product or service includes all four of these components, there’s a strong chance it will be a success.

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