Small Business Marketing

Small Businesses Are Trusted Most…Even More Than Churches?

In a USA Today article, Rhonda Abrams, a publisher of books for entrepreneurs, tells small businesses to show pride in the fact they are THE group the public trusts most. Yes, that is right. But, get this… Small businesses are even more trusted than churches, according to the Pew Center for Research who conducted research […]

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Why Trust Matters In Marketing

If you want the trust of potential customers, then you obviously value truth. How do I know this? Because people cannot make choices they’ll be happy with unless the decision-making data they are given is truthful and accurate. This is the point where marketing matters. If a potential customer ends up choosing the product you […]

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Small Business Marketing Templates: A Word…Or Two

Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t reinvent the wheel”? Well, you don’t have to when it comes to designing small business marketing. A good small business marketing template can get you moving in the right direction. Templates come in reusable text, fill-in-the-blank sheets or in a checklist of steps you can take. The top […]

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