Earth Day: A Lesson On Publicity In Marketing

Do you like the idea of getting free or low-cost exposure for your business? Yes!? Well, you should think about using public relations as a marketing channel.

But when it comes to publicity, Rule #1 is: Be Newsworthy!

Take Earth Day, for example. On April 22, people worldwide celebrate the day to arouse awareness about the earth’s environment and environmental issues.

Days like these, and seasonal events of the like, give you a chance to get your product or service mentioned in the news.

Does your small business provide a service that cleans the environment? Perhaps you recycle excess paper and other recyclable products. Do you support nonprofits that protect the earth’s ecosystem?

Just write up a press release that highlights the activity or milestone achievement your small business has made in a related way.

You stand a better chance of getting a news mention that could equate to more sales and response in the long-term.

So, decide in which news outlet you want your small business mentioned.

Then, go to work writing a curiosity-provoking story that relates what you do to seasonal event or special day like Earth Day.

To your success,


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