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This ‘Done-For-You’ Email Newsletter Service
Conquers The Time-Suck Of Getting Started

As a busy professional, you know an email newsletter can help you manage your relationships with your customers and prospects better. But here’s the huge problem you face right now: you simply don’t know where to begin. …

I mean, it takes time to map out goals for your newsletter. You’ll need more time to decide what is the best format. More time is needed for learning the features of an email program. For planning your content, you’ll need more time…yet your already busy calendar beckons. You’ll need to find the time to ensure your email newsletter fits your current sales and marketing mix. You’ll want to think about the best time to send your missive, or how often. And on and on and on… Seems like the overwhelm will never end!

Handy Copywriting understands, and that’s why we want to help. Luckily for you, here’s the solution you’ve been looking for…

Introducing The Handy Copywriting
Email Newsletter Startup Service

Done-For-You Email Newsletter Help for Solo Entrepreneurs, Marketing Managers, Business Owners And Others
Some Benefits Of Getting Help Starting An Email Newsletter
  • Deploy the BEST tool around for maintaining solid business relationships.
  • Avoid wasting time setting up an email newsletter yourself when it’s not your area of expertise.
  • Escape the time drain involved with learning an email newsletter program.
  • Sidestep lost sleep trying to establish the right goals for your E-Newsletter ALONE.
  • Save time by setting up getting the best template for your needs.

    email newsletter start up
    Handy Copywriting E-Newsletter Help
  • Get an asset in place to establish rapport with the lifeline of your your business–customers–FASTER.
  • Get help taking your business to the next level.
  • Establish success measurements easily and effortlessly (so you set the right goals for your E-Newsletter from the start).
  • Have your FULL E-Newsletter setup in 5 business days!

… and much, MUCH More!

So go ahead. Put time back into your day. Let an expert setup your foundation for email newsletter operational success. You’ll avoid getting hung up in the details of launching your business enewsletter, and recapture productive time in your day.

You can read a case study that shows the power of email newsletters by clicking here.

What Handy Copywriting Can Do For You
  • Initial Setup – Get everything in order for the first E-Newsletter [establish goals, success measurements, design, layout, tone, style, the sections that will repeat each month, etc.]
  • Write the first issue of your E-Newsletter.

Most Of All… You Can See Results In Five Business Days

So if you want to manage relationships better, and you need help with autoresponder writing and lead nurturing prospects into customers, here’s why you can’t wait:

  • Quickly set yourself apart from the competition using your very own company email newsletter.
  • Sidestep the need to learn all the technical details of getting your enewsletter setup.
  • Ensure you don’t miss a step of setting up your newsletter when you use the Handy Copywriting Email Newsletter Setup Service.

While you’re out playing golf or getting that much needed time with the kids, using that extra time that Handy Copywriting helped you capture, you’ll be happy about the decision you made.

So call (281) 660-4602 or download our informative tip now.