Buyer’s Remorse

The awful feeling a buyer gets when they regret a purchase…

It’s when they realize that the hair tonic they may have bought won’t make them look like Rapunzel.

After buying the product, it suddenly becomes unexciting.

Although happy with the purchase initially in one sense, (it is made of proven scalp-stimulating herbs), suddenly s/he begins to miss the deeper emotional benefits she hoped it would bring (the love of a good-looking mate).

How do you deal with this in your marketing copy?

You include a product guarantee.

Here’s the way Newsweek includes their product guarantee in their marketing copy:

“If, after examining several issues in your own home, you do not agree that Newsweek satisfies your news interests, you’ll receive a prompt refund on unmailed copies.”

A product guarantee allows you to show your buyer that if not totally satisfied—if a product doesn’t do all you said it would–they can get their money back.

Always include a product guarantee in your marketing copy. When you do, you enable your buyer to see you as trustworthy and fair. This begins ongoing relationships that can equate to future purchases.

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