Marketing Copy

How To Write Marketing Copy , Part 1

If you’re like many business owners I talk to, you have a hard time writing effective marketing copy to sell your product or service. You understand that your business value is measured by how well people respond to the marketing messages you send out. You also know that consistently conveying the significance of what you […]

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How Not To Conduct Your Small Business Marketing

If you just met someone in a bookstore…you wouldn’t seriously ask him or her to marry you. Would you? You’d get to know the person. Maybe you’d spend time having special talks, walks and dinners. Flowers and chocolate might even be nice, too. But, definitely, you’d try to connect with them. Well, marketing your small […]

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Why Most Marketing Copy Stinks

There are two reasons. NUMBER 1: The opening is fuzzy. And how do you know that it is? Perhaps you’re engaging in small talk. Well, your marketing isn’t the place for small talk. Small talk loses readers. Lost readers bring low response. Or maybe your point is unclear. But get this…you should be persuading people […]

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