‘Plug and Play’ to Attract a Critical Mass of Customers

What’s the key to attracting a cache of paying customers?

It’s copywriting!

Persuasive copy drives winning marketing. I mean, how else can a reader connect with your message? Think about it.

And the moment that you place copy into a solid marketing method, you begin to own a formula for repeat success.

Speaking of marketing methods, here’s one I’ll share with you. I call it the Handy Four-Step Marketing Method. When used, it’s pretty much like taking a prospect by the hand–where they have no knowledge of your offer– and leading them to the point where they make a purchase.

I recently helped an information publisher launch a new business with it. So here it goes:

  1. Drive traffic. Use pay-per-click or PPC ads, emails, and articles for this purpose.
  2. Collect opt-ins. Create a persuasive landing page with a free information offer. You’ll have permission to follow-up in exchange for the information you give when they opt-in. The free information you give might be a special report, online video, audio recording, etc.
  3. Build engagement. Write and launch a series of autoresponder messages driving readers to your sales offer.
  4. Make the sale. Create a sales letter or online conversion page containing your offer. Collect profits.

Any kind of business can use the Handy Four-Step Marketing Method–technology, consulting, nonprofit, personal service, etc. Just plug in convincing copy in steps one through four…and go!

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Check This Out…

I read a book that can help any business owner or nonprofit gain better marketing results.


I’ve been reading books about direct response marketing, persuasion, strategy development, sales, advertising, copywriting, design and human nature for more than 12 years. I’ve compiled quite a few of them.

“Changing the Channel – 12 Easy Ways to Make Millions for Your Business” tells readers concisely how marketing using multiple media channels works. To quote: “Multi-channel marketing is simply offering customers more than one way to buy.” And there’s even a free bonus for people who want to learn more beyond the book.

I like the book’s clear structure, plain language, and easy-to-start ideas. (In fact, I even had the chance to meet one of the authors of this book while in Del Ray Beach, Florida some time ago. Interesting…huh?)

“Changing the Channel” is a good book to add to your own business library.

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PS – You can find out what others thought of this book too by going to www.Amazon.com. Enjoy!

Create "No Snooze" Presentations

By Tanya Handy

A presentation is similar to writing a sales letter.

And all good presentations, like a sales letter, should contain persuasive elements which ultimately help the audience to make a decision. The speaker should make a big promise … offer proof … and he must make a connection with his audience.

Here are a few ways to produce a results-oriented presentation that people stay awake in:

  • Number 1: Know your audience. How will the presentation benefit the audience? Would they like to help a social cause in some way, be happier personally, get a past make a desired action, etc.? Dig deep.
  • Begin with a powerful promise. Tell the audience what they’ll know after the presentation. Then go further and tell them how it will benefit them.
  • Details sell. So be specific. Give figures and statistics.
  • Don’t tell. Show. Literal and figurative pictures (stories) – make points.
  • Say what needs to be said to get your point across, but don’t do it only with graphs and charts. (Dull!) When you can, use real stories.
  • Go for the “sale.” The conclusion of any effort to persuade – speech, letter, or PowerPoint – must lead to action. Let your audience know what they need to do.

Use this simple structure to produce results-driven presentations. Your clients will thank you by performing the action you desire…again and again.