Small Business Marketing Templates: A Word…Or Two

Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t reinvent the wheel”? Well, you don’t have to when it comes to designing small business marketing.

A good small business marketing template can get you moving in the right direction. Templates come in reusable text, fill-in-the-blank sheets or in a checklist of steps you can take.

The top two advantages of using a small business marketing template are that it:

  1. Saves time, and thinking, required to build results-driven marketing
  2. Provides marketing steps in industry-standard, identifiable formats

Maybe you’re not an expert on marketing a business…yet. Well, a business marketing template can help you in the mean time.

Use proven small business marketing templates that are able to create and grow demand for your existing product or service.

That way you won’t find yourself ‘reinventing the wheel’.

To the verve of your business,


P.S. What kind of marketing template would make your business life easier? Email me your wish list.

P.S.S. Look for proven marketing templates from me right here.

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  1. The way I see it, Tanya …

    ANY kind of tool, templates included, that can be used to simplify someone’s life, keep them organized and on track, save time, and make for a happier life as a small business owner …

    Are a GOOD thing! 🙂

    Fellow 30-day blogging challenge participant,

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  3. Seriously, fabulous article! Regards for posting.

    Split Testing Tips

      • admin
      • November 16, 2010

      Thanks, Kris. Marketing templates are a great way to go for people short on time and know-how.

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