Good And Bad Marketing: Do You Know The Difference?

You need first-rate ideas–and the ability to direct a copywriter–when it comes to creating winning marketing copy.

To do this well, however, you will first have to master a few key marketing competencies.

In his book, Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat (Agora Series), Michael Masterson says “Four Competencies” go into producing good marketing copy. They include knowing:

  1. The difference between a feature and benefit,
  2. What a need and a want is,
  3. How to create a unique selling proposition, and
  4. How to sell the unique selling proposition for your product or service.

Several advantages will result from learning these above objectives:

  • You’ll have an idea about what your customer wants from your product or service.
  • You’ll be able to communicate knowledgeably with your copywriter, since you’ll know how to state what you’re trying to achieve.
  • You’ll know how successful marketing and advertisement is made.

So begin mastering the “Four Competencies” I have mentioned to you. Then, rest assured knowing that you understand what it takes to compose successful marketing.

To your mastery,


P.S. Get my detailed take on the “Four Competencies” when you click here in the future.
P.S.S. If you’d like to learn Masterson’s “Four Competencies”, click here now.

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  1. Tanya,

    Absolutely essential guidelines here! My friend, Cathy Goodwin, is a darn good copywriter and I know she’d back up everything you’ve shared in this post.

    One area where a lot of online marketers miss the mark is touting “features” instead of “benefits”. The ONLY thing prospects, clients, and customers care about is “What’s in it for me?”

    Marketing the benefits of your products or services will show people that you hold the key to solving their problems.

    See you soon over at #blog30!

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