Create "No Snooze" Presentations

By Tanya Handy

A presentation is similar to writing a sales letter.

And all good presentations, like a sales letter, should contain persuasive elements which ultimately help the audience to make a decision. The speaker should make a big promise … offer proof … and he must make a connection with his audience.

Here are a few ways to produce a results-oriented presentation that people stay awake in:

  • Number 1: Know your audience. How will the presentation benefit the audience? Would they like to help a social cause in some way, be happier personally, get a past make a desired action, etc.? Dig deep.
  • Begin with a powerful promise. Tell the audience what they’ll know after the presentation. Then go further and tell them how it will benefit them.
  • Details sell. So be specific. Give figures and statistics.
  • Don’t tell. Show. Literal and figurative pictures (stories) – make points.
  • Say what needs to be said to get your point across, but don’t do it only with graphs and charts. (Dull!) When you can, use real stories.
  • Go for the “sale.” The conclusion of any effort to persuade – speech, letter, or PowerPoint – must lead to action. Let your audience know what they need to do.

Use this simple structure to produce results-driven presentations. Your clients will thank you by performing the action you desire…again and again.

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