How To Write Marketing Copy, Part 2

Yesterday I introduced you to the idea of using the promise-picture-proof-push structure for producing effective marketing copy.

You learned that your promise tells potential customers what’s in it for them, and the picture makes your promise real using mental imagery.

Now I’m going to give you the other two elements: proof and push.

  • Proof

Proof consists of facts or figures used to support your promise and claims. Let’s take a male herbal supplement for example. If the big promise is renewed sexual stamina, reconfirm the big promise of renewed sexual stamina, then state that the supplement contains Yohimbe (known to improve male libido) and then tell him how Yohimbe works in the body.

  • Push

If you’ve done a good job of including promise-picture-proof elements in your marketing piece, the potential customer may have already decided to buy. As a result, the push becomes natural. But this is the point where you restate your big promise and ask for the sale.

Well there you have it…

When connected together, the 4Ps help potential customers make a buying decision faster. You simply must know how 4Ps work–whether you write marketing copy yourself or you hire someone to write for you.

Your business will be all the better for it.

To your business growth,


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