Small Businesses Are Trusted Most…Even More Than Churches?

In a USA Today article, Rhonda Abrams, a publisher of books for entrepreneurs, tells small businesses to show pride in the fact they are THE group the public trusts most.crowdfunding copywriting

Yes, that is right. But, get this…

Small businesses are even more trusted than churches, according to the Pew Center for Research who conducted research to conclude the findings.

Why is this so? Well, one commenter to Abrams’ article explains the phenomenon by saying that people like buying from small businesses because they are “personal/personable (REAL)” towards their customers.

If you are like me, you want to do what you can to show the public you value their trust ALSO. How can you do this?

Tip: Commit to sending marketing messages that educate potential customers about what you sell, and which provide credibility-boosting elements that a potential customer can use to evaluate whether your product or service is the ‘real deal’.

When you produce educational and credible marketing, you will be using two top ways of maintaining trust in your small business.

To trust in small businesses,


Why Trust Matters In Marketing

If you want the trust of potential customers, then you obviously value truth.

How do I know this?

Because people cannot make choices they’ll be happy with unless the decision-making data they are given is truthful and accurate.

This is the point where marketing matters.

If a potential customer ends up choosing the product you sell, based on the criteria you provided, this no doubt bolsters the satisfaction they will feel about your business.

This is a good thing.

How can you do this well, though? You can start by doing the following:

  • Provide lots of educational material, such as white papers, special reports, videos and other marketing material about the area your product or service deals with.
  • Gather and present decision-making criteria, such as studies, reviews, records of accomplishment and other data that inform.
  • Solicit and answer questions from potential buyers on an ongoing basis.
  • Stay abreast of the ebbs and flows of any trend that your product or service connects with, so that you can best anticipate the needs of your market.

So…if you want potential customers that are happy with you, your business and the product or service you sell today and tomorrow, make sure trust matters in your marketing.

To informed decision-making,


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