Sales Letter: How Close Are You With Your Reader?

Think about this the next time you create a sales letter or landing page.

If thcrowdfunding communicationse reader of your marketing message already has a relationship with your business, take a direct approach in your writing. If they have never heard of your business, (perhaps for a lead-generating campaign or for a new product you are introducing), take an indirect approach.

What do I mean by direct and indirect?

  • An indirect approach does not jump right into saying what you are writing about. Perhaps (s)he will read a story, getting into the action and the emotion before the solution (your product or service) is offered. Example: “Imagine yourself wearing a slinky, form-fitting, red dress, on the balcony of a private rail car…”
  • A direct approach get’s right to the business of telling you about the offer. Example: “Here’s a hair moisturizer that keeps your hair soft and grows it in 7 days or less.”

As one in charge of sales and marketing, you the small business owner may or may not actually write your marketing message. However, it is always good to know how to do it, so that you can knowledgeably direct its creation.

In conclusion, the next time your small business has a sales page or landing page written, think direct or indirect approach.

To solid customer relationships,


Small Businesses Are Trusted Most…Even More Than Churches?

In a USA Today article, Rhonda Abrams, a publisher of books for entrepreneurs, tells small businesses to show pride in the fact they are THE group the public trusts most.crowdfunding copywriting

Yes, that is right. But, get this…

Small businesses are even more trusted than churches, according to the Pew Center for Research who conducted research to conclude the findings.

Why is this so? Well, one commenter to Abrams’ article explains the phenomenon by saying that people like buying from small businesses because they are “personal/personable (REAL)” towards their customers.

If you are like me, you want to do what you can to show the public you value their trust ALSO. How can you do this?

Tip: Commit to sending marketing messages that educate potential customers about what you sell, and which provide credibility-boosting elements that a potential customer can use to evaluate whether your product or service is the ‘real deal’.

When you produce educational and credible marketing, you will be using two top ways of maintaining trust in your small business.

To trust in small businesses,


Online Survey: Why Your Small Business Needs One

When asked, most business experts will say that small businesses fail due to three “Ms”: money, management and marketing.

Marketing is the “M” that provides ways to keep customers flowing into your business. Marketing fails, however, when not used to create and launch new demand-driven products, while keeping existing products profitable.

Let us say that you are planning to launch a new product now. Do you know how well it will sell? How can you connect your product to the top of a trend and ride it out profitably? Find the answers to these kinds of questions, and you will hold keys to the survival of your business.

Luckily, there are tools within the marketing realm that can help you. In fact, the tool that I will tell you about can help you to:

  • Know exactly which segment of your target market wants what you offer,
  • Recognize quickly what problems your target market needs solved,
  • Identify points of differentiation to help you launch more winning products,
  • Stimulate demand for what you sell using the words your target market uses.

What is this tool? It is the online survey.

Online surveys allow you to collect precious data from your target market–quickly and affordably.

You do not have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for market research these days. It is easy to get your hands on what you need using an online survey.

To give you an example, an information publishing company used an online survey to pinpoint demand for their selling strategies. They launched an online survey that asked their target market what sales problems they wanted solved.

With the answers received, they designed a 12-point sales course that sold profitably. The company did not need to find potential buyers for the course.

By simply asking their target market what they wanted, the company tapped the demand of their list of responders.

An online survey minimizes your risk of offering a product no one wants. Use one the next time you want to convert the demand within your target market into profits for your business.

To your data mining victory,


P.S. What is your number one question about using an online survey? Ask me.