Direct Response Marketing

Why Most Marketing Copy Stinks

There are two reasons. NUMBER 1: The opening is fuzzy. And how do you know that it is? Perhaps you’re engaging in small talk. Well, your marketing isn’t the place for small talk. Small talk loses readers. Lost readers bring low response. Or maybe your point is unclear. But get this…you should be persuading people […]

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‘Plug and Play’ to Attract a Critical Mass of Customers

What’s the key to attracting a cache of paying customers? It’s copywriting! Persuasive copy drives winning marketing. I mean, how else can a reader connect with your message? Think about it. And the moment that you place copy into a solid marketing method, you begin to own a formula for repeat success. Speaking of marketing […]

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Check This Out…

I read a book that can help any business owner or nonprofit gain better marketing results. Really. I’ve been reading books about direct response marketing, persuasion, strategy development, sales, advertising, copywriting, design and human nature for more than 12 years. I’ve compiled quite a few of them. “Changing the Channel – 12 Easy Ways to […]

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