Sales Letter: How Close Are You With Your Reader?

Think about this the next time you create a sales letter or landing page.

If thcrowdfunding communicationse reader of your marketing message already has a relationship with your business, take a direct approach in your writing. If they have never heard of your business, (perhaps for a lead-generating campaign or for a new product you are introducing), take an indirect approach.

What do I mean by direct and indirect?

  • An indirect approach does not jump right into saying what you are writing about. Perhaps (s)he will read a story, getting into the action and the emotion before the solution (your product or service) is offered. Example: “Imagine yourself wearing a slinky, form-fitting, red dress, on the balcony of a private rail car…”
  • A direct approach get’s right to the business of telling you about the offer. Example: “Here’s a hair moisturizer that keeps your hair soft and grows it in 7 days or less.”

As one in charge of sales and marketing, you the small business owner may or may not actually write your marketing message. However, it is always good to know how to do it, so that you can knowledgeably direct its creation.

In conclusion, the next time your small business has a sales page or landing page written, think direct or indirect approach.

To solid customer relationships,


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