“Convert Words Into Sales”


local event marketing

Handy Copywriting provides content for monthly Email Newsletters and Local Event Marketing campaigns [whether for a Grand Opening, Open House, Customer Appreciation Event, etc.].

We cater to the busy, time-strapped entrepreneur, business owner, or marketing manager who needs to start and/or maintain a stronger connection with past and potential customers.

Tanya Handy is the President of Handy Copywriting, which has been in business since 2005.  As creative lead, Ms. Handy puts her 10+ year track record of successful copywriting, technical writing, WordPress-powered product management, and direct marketing consulting experience into every project completed [Read Tanya’s bio here].

But what’s with the Handy Copywriting motto “convert words into sales”, you may ask? Well, the content that we provide new clients is carefully-crafted, persuasive content designed to elicit a response through an Email Newsletter or to a client’s Local Event. That way, the action a recipient performs after reading the content is measured and the ROI of the client’s marketing campaign can be determined.

The Email Newsletters that we produce for our clients connect in a personal way right in a subscribers email box. Our Local Event Marketing promotional content breaks through the crowded marketplace, connecting with a client’s local market wherever they are. Bot help our clients business standout and be heard. And this is what gets past and potential customers to respond.


about the handy copywriting process

To see the type of work that Handy Copywriting has completed for clients in the past, take a look at our work samples here.

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