April 2010

Small Businesses Are Trusted Most…Even More Than Churches?

In a USA Today article, Rhonda Abrams, a publisher of books for entrepreneurs, tells small businesses to show pride in the fact they are THE group the public trusts most. Yes, that is right. But, get this… Small businesses are even more trusted than churches, according to the Pew Center for Research who conducted research […]

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If Closing Business-to-Business Deals Happen Slower Nowadays…

Just think. The fact that closing deals seem to happen slower nowadays does not mean potential customers stopped needing what your company offers. It may simply mean that they need more information to move their interest toward closing the deal. To give potential customers the information they want, then, let us start with your existing […]

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Online Survey: Why Your Small Business Needs One

When asked, most business experts will say that small businesses fail due to three “Ms”: money, management and marketing. Marketing is the “M” that provides ways to keep customers flowing into your business. Marketing fails, however, when not used to create and launch new demand-driven products, while keeping existing products profitable. Let us say that […]

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